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South Central .

"Instead of being presented with stereotypes by age, sex, color, class, or religion, children must have the opportunity to learn that within each range, some people are loathsome and some are delightful"  -Margaret Mead. Many people spend their time in stereotyping South Central, LA instead of spending it on making a better place. South Central is a place like any other, with good and bad things. But many people have made it this way, their is no reason why they should be blaming the people that live and grow up here, their is no reason to be breaking kids dreams because they come from ‘the ghetto’. One good thing about South Central is the spirit. Most people here has experience some type of slurs towards them, for the type of environment they live in. But yet they don’t let that become an obstacle in their life’s. South Central can improve the way they have been portrait in the media. I personally like living and going to school in South Central because is an opportunity like any other. The three most important events that have had the greatest impact on making South Central, LA what it is today are crack epidemic, riots, and gang history.

An event that has shaped up South Central, LA has been crack epidemic. As mentioned in Technostudies class by professor Chardon ‘Crack was brought to the ghettos of the US by the CIA to obtain money and one of them was South Central, LA’. This event helped shape up South Central, as it is today because it destroyed many families. As a result of this we have many people who became addicted to crack and ended being homeless. This crack epidemic also resulted in a major poverty problem for South Central, LA. As mentioned above the CIA brought these drugs into the US and into the neighborhoods so there is no reason to blame the people that live here.

Another event that helped shaped South Central, LA the way it is were the riots. Watts Riot and the LA Riots had a positive and a negative effect on South Central, LA. Even thought many say this events were rebellion against the government I personally believe sometimes you have to stand up for your rights. It might not have been the best way of doing it but it was how the people believed they’ll be heard. As a result of this was the formation of Locke High and Southwest College. In addition, this also helped stop police brutality in the neighbor. The negative effect it had was, it brought many stereotypes about the people, and it affect many people, specially the youths.

In addition, gangs also shaped up South Central the way it is. As many know the whites just to pick on ‘Blacks’ and ‘Latinos’ to beat up. This lead to people forming groups to protect themselves. Later on this groups became gangs. After the riots the ‘White Flight’ occurred. Once the whites left the gangs that had formed started to attack each other for territories. This led to the formation of three of the major gangs in South Central, LA Bloods, Crips, and 18th. As a result we now have some people influencing the youth to involve themselves in violence and drugs. I choose to present this event here because gangs have had a negative impact on South Central, LA.

In retrospect, South Central is what it is today for many reasons. Many things, including the ones mention above, have shaped it up the way it is now. The three events mentioned had good and bad impacts. I can’t predict how South Central, LA will change over the years because you can’t predict the future base on the pass but I like many hope South Central changes for the best. I hope it does because the children deserve a better place to grow up and there is no need for people to point at them.

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#31 Unit Review - Homework

#2 - Early History of Los Angeles .

1) The first people in Los Angeles were the Tongva and Chumash Indigenous People .

2) El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Angeles sobre EL Rio Porciuncula ?

3) It was on September 4th , 1781 .

4) They were Africa and Indigenous .

5) The outline of the original city is preserved in a historic monument area called Olvera Street .

6) California became a state in 1851 .

7) The first governor of California was Pio Pico .

8) Oil was discovered in Los Angeles on 1892 .

9) William Mulholland complete the canals that assured the city’s growth .

#5 - Watts and West Adams

10) Watts was founded in 1910 .

11) When it was founded , Watts was the home of Blacks , Whites , Asians and immigrants from Europe and Mexico .

12) In the 1940s , huge waves of Blacks and Whites from the South migrated to Los Angeles .

13) Most of the jobs consisted of building ships and weapons for the World War II.

14) The Japanese population lived because they forced into concentration camps .

15) The first projects were build for the ship workers and weapon builders .

16) The Whites left because the Watts Riots scared them .

17) After the riots wealthy Blacks moved into West Adams .

#7 - LA Suburbs

18) The four suburbs we looked at were Compton , Inglewood , Gardena and Lynwood .

19) About Lynwood I know that before the 1970s it was mostly Whites .

#8 - Watts Riots 1965

20) The Watts Riot began when a police officer stopped an African - America man .

21) The police officer pulled over Marquette Frye because according to the officer he was driving ‘recklessly’ .

22) Watts Riots started on the evening of August 11 , 1965 .

23) The first community meeting took place at Athens Park .

24) The “Charcoal Alley” on 103rd St. was burned to the ground .

25) The damages consisted of 40$ million . The death toll was only of 34 people .

26) The Riots also occured in Pasadena , Pacoima , Monrovia , Long Beach and Wilmington .

27) After the Riots the ‘white Flight’ occured , meaning the White people left .

#12 - La Riots 1992

28) During the 1920s it was difficult for South Central because many immigrants moved in and the ‘Crack Epidemic’ had a negative impact on the area .

29) Rodney King was pulled over in Lake View Terrace in the San Fernando Valley .

30) He was pulled over according to the police because he was speeding at 110mph .

31) According to the police he was resisting arrest , also they claim him being on drugs , after the police proceed to beat him .

32) The police officers were charged with excessive force .

33) Latasha Harlins was the girl that got shot at and killed by an Korean lady .

34) Latasha Harlins was buying an orange juice .

35) The Ethnicity or the woman that shot Latasha was Korean .

36) The name of the woman that shot Latasha was Soon Ja Du .

37) The verdict for Du was probation and a 500$ fine .

38) The verdict for the police officers was not guilty .

39) The Riot started on South Central at Florence and Normandie .

40) The date the Riots started was April 29 , 1992 .

41) Reginald Denny ( a white male ) was pulled out of his truck by Damian Williams , after Williams slammed a piece of concrete to Dennis head .

42) It happened on Florence and Normandie .

43) The damages consisted of over 1 billion dollars . The death toll was 53 people .

44) Riots also occurred on San Francisco , Oakland , Las Vegas , Seattle and Chicago .

#19 - History Of Gangs

45) The first Black and Latino gangs form in groups , so they can protected themselves from the whites .

46) The largest white gang was ‘Spook’ .

47) During the time of the Black Panthers and Brown Berets the gangs were almost completely ended because the were more focused in the Civil Rights Movement .

48) Bunchy Carter was the leader of the Slausons street gang , and was known as ‘The Mayor of The Ghetto” . He changed his gang into respectful and responsible men whe he got off prison . He did this by convincing the Slausons street gang members to join the Black Panthers .

49) The Brown Berets was a group of students of Garfield High . They fought for better education and better treatment in schools .

50) The Black Panther was a socialist party that fought to stop police brutality .

51) COINTELPRO was the FBI Counter Intelligence Program .

52) The COINTELPRO harassed the Black Panthers and Brown Berets . 

53) The Bloods , Crips and 18th St. , gangs started to form after Bunchy’s death .

54) Tookie Williams was who started and led the Crips .

55) Tookie and raymond Washington form the Crips on Imperial and Western .

#29 - Crack Epidemic

56) ‘Crack Epidemic’ was how they called it when crack was highly affecting many people throughout the country specially on the ghettos .

57) The ‘Sandinistas’ was the main group that led the revolt against Somoza .

58) The CIA obtained money to fight against the Sandinistas by selling crack in the US .

59) This destroyed many families .

60) The crime rates increased .

61) There are bars on many windows around South Central because of the increased in crimes .

62) The ‘War on Drugs’ was when many laws were passed due to this event .

63) Freeway Ricky Ross was a drug trafficker during the ‘Crack Epidemic’ .

64) He grew up by the side of the Free-way . He used to play Tennis .

Innocent Voices

65) There was a Civil War in El Salvador . The US was training the troops .

66) Chava is the main character .

67) I think this led to immigration in many ways . The most important ways it led to immigration was people getting tired of the shooting , lack of money and the fact that they were taking kids to train them .

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